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  • Configuring the Rails server with Nginx and Unicorn
    ? ? We are going to setup and configure the Rails server on CentOS with Nginx and Unicorn using a JodoHost VPS account. ? ? • Our VPS system Details ? o? ? VPS Operating S
  • Setup DNS Server with BIND command
    ? ? We are going to setup and configure the BIND DNS Server on CentOS. We are going to configure it at the same VPS sever where our webserver is installed. This this may n
  • Connecting PHP with the MSSQL database on IIS7
    Sometimes we have to connect PHP with MSSQL - most of the webhosts don't offer this on a shared environment but it is possible to have this facility on a dedicated server
  • How to change the mailbox password in MailEnable
    Sometimes we see an error when we try to change a mailbox password through Plesk. So here are some steps by which the password can be reset manually in MailEnable. 1) Logi
  • How to restart your Web Service
    Sometimes we need to restart the web service after any modifications or after an issue has been fixed. Below are the steps to restart the web service from the server end.
  • How to find a mailbox's password in Plesk
    Some commands which can help to retrieve a mailbox's password in Plesk: 1)? To find the password for a single email account ? ? ? ? ? [email protected][#] /usr/local/psa/bin/mai
  • Simultaneous multi-threading
    A thread is a sequence of instructions. A core is capable of running a process, a process being one or more threads. Multi-threading generally refers to a process running
  • SSDs in VPS hosting
    SSDs (solid-state drives) help in boosting speeds when the hosted website has lots of graphics or just plain overall database usage. Even SSD caching really helps and cach
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting for businesses
    A business can host a website or web application on a shared server. Shared hosting is cheaper for the business and does not require the technical skills necessary for man

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