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  • Checking the status of PCI devices on Linux
    How do we find out the status of a PCI device connected to a PCI bus on a Linux machine and how do we find out whether it is connected with the system or not? For this, we
  • How to use diff and patch
    We'll learn the three things below, as follows:- 1) Differentiating between two files and redirecting the differences into a new file. 2) Creating a patch file with the di
  • File system check for bad sectors on a drive in Linux
    Sometimes our disk has bad sectors or may have errors like an input-output related error or be in a read-only file system. At that time we can use e2fsck which is a file s
  • The uptime and system load of a Linux machine
    The uptime and system load of a Linux machine can be found out by using the “uptime” command. Uptime is a command line utility, the use of which will let you know about th

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