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  • Joomla error: RG_Emulation is On
    Add the line below in the configuration.php file to disable this: � if(!defined('RG_EMULATION')) { define( 'RG_EMULATION', 0 ); }
  • Joomla Administrator: "500 - An error has occurred"
    We've seen sometimes that when we log into the Joomla administrator section we suddenly get the error "500 - An error has occurred". However the frontend of the website is
  • Joomla jos_session table crash?
    Sometimes because the session wasn't properly closed and because it was stopped in some improper manner, we've seen that the Joomla jos_session table crashes due to which
  • Steps for Joomla installation
    Preparations before installing Joomla:- 1- Make sure the Joomla files have been uploaded to the domain directory. 2- Make sure that the database has been created in H-Sphe

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