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  • Password-less SSH authentication to a remote machine
    If you're getting irritated or tired of giving your password again and again during SSH login to a remote host, then there is another way using which you can do SSH access
  • What is my FTP host name?
    If you want to know your FTP host name for using an FTP client, then follow the steps below:- >> Login to the control panel. >> Click on FTP/User Account. >> See the h ost
  • Moving your WordPress site
    There are times when you need to move WordPress around within your server, and times when you need to move WordPress from one server to another. Sometimes a user wants to
  • How to Host a Domain Name with Umlaut characters
    You can convert it to Punycode using this tool: mct.verisign-grs.com/ Next, host the Punycode version of your domain like any other domain, and it should work.
  • About JodoHost
    Hi! This blog discusses? issues related to the web hosting industry. The web hosting industry is undergoing tremendous changes, especially with the advent of Cloud Computi

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